Surgical management of Abdominal Disease

The surgical services include the performance of specialized and complex GI surgical procedures for the management of diseases of various parts of the GI tract such as:

    • Esophageal diseases including achalasia, hiatus hernia and strictures
      Diseases of the liver and Biliary tract, including liver cysts, abscesses, portal
    • hypertension, gallstones, cholecystitis and postcholecystectomy complications, cholangitis, Biliary tract strictures, choledochal cysts, all forms of surgical jaundice and hepatobiliary cancers.
      Complications of diseases of the pancreas including pancreatic necrosis, pancreatic
    • fistulas, pseudocysts, sphincteroplasty, surgery for chronic pancreatitis.
      Diseases of the stomach and alimentary canal including ulcers, bleeds, tuberculosis, intestinal obstruction, fecal fistulas, sphincter-preserving surgery for ulcerative colitis.

At the Sankalp Hospital for general abdominal surgeries are being routinely done.