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I n Panipat, Sankalp Hospital is a recognized name in patient care. orthopedic ,spine ,replacement is located in the heart of Panipat. Its a modern center with excellent facilities for all kind of orthopedic and spine problems. Headed by Dr Ajay Golyan this center aspires to give a healing touch to the patients suffering from various orthopedic problems. We have an excellent team led by Dr Ajay Golyan for giving you a fast and adequate recovery. We believe in treating the patient with the most scientific, logical and reasonable method. We have expertise in managing complex orthopedic problems in easy ways. We are doing Joint replacement, arthroscopy, spine and trauma Surgeries .

The department of Gynaecology Our Hospital, Panipat has doctors who are experts in performing advanced challenging Gynecological surgeries using modalities of Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, vaginal approach. We have trained specialists for advance Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy ,abdominal and infertility surgeries. Our emergency services are available 24x7 with our multidisciplinary team of trained doctors and nurses and indoor intensive care facilities. We have recognized specialists for proficiency in menopausal medicine, adolescent gynecological, hormonal disorders including PCOS. Hospital has ICU and Private AC rooms and all facilities to deal with complex cases.


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